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Writer: Jonathan Nolan
Canada, USA
Duration: 169 min
release date: 2014
genre: Drama


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I have a summary for you.
One thing I learned from great movies is that they have their quality aspects proportional to each other. You imagine what you get if you have great acting and poor directing, or great directing and poor story, or great story and poor focus.
What do we have in this movie? Great acting, great directing, great poetry, and absurd scientific claims, which kills the joy of watching the movie if you are a little aware of the principles of modern physics.
If you are an artist or musician, or anyone who has no knowledge about quantum mechanics, relativity, and modern cosmology, you can go and watch this movie and enjoy its great poetry. If you, however, have some knowledge I warn you that you may feel distrust and disappointment to the whole story and start blaming all the actors and the director for making such serious efforts while the story is scientifically absurd.
I mean if the director (and the rest) intend to create a sci-fi movie they must avoid too detailed and serious explanations of how things happens in the universe (with serious faces. This reflects their ignorance and spoils the poetry of the movie.
I can bring few facts from the movie that is nonsense and they needed to avoid it.
1. A warm hole is a theoretical concept, and in practice no one even remotely knows what it is yet. 2. You may travel through a warm hole, but you cant direct yourself to a particular planet. 3. A black hole has several orders of magnitude more gravity and warmth than the sun, anything falling into it burns down and becomes about the size of an atom. The protagonist would be dead long before reaching its center. 4. And all this nonsense of looking to our particular earth from the black hole just because it has different dimensionality. I don’t even want to talk about it. 5. After 30 years their children needed to think about other life related things as well, and not sitting and talking about their father’s mission all the time (be a bit realistic about life. 6. The biggest nonsense – after years father and daughter are meeting and just smiling and crying. This is not an American drama folks, the man has been in another galaxy and see the most unnatural thing in life: his daughter is 80 years old. They both should have been perplexed, got panic attack, feel extreme feelings, collapse or something. What the hell was that? A meeting with tears and smile?
To sum up: The immensity of the universe and its effect on human aspect is is poorly explored. There should have been abnormal feelings going on in the move due to this, but we saw none.

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